Scott T. Sohr Helms Development of Williamson County’s Winterset Woods

Scott T SohrNashville developer Scott T. Sohr is pleased to present Winterset Woods, located in Nolensville, Tennessee. This development, says Scott T. Sohr, is nestled in the middle of Williamson County, one of the most sought-after regions in Tennessee. Winterset Woods is an ideal neighborhood for families looking for a peaceful place to raise their kids; with this development, Scott T. Sohr has been able to bring small-town charm to a community that’s within easy distance of city life.

According to Scott T. Sohr, the homes at Winterset Woods are breathtaking, with unique designs, timeless looks, natural landscaping, and inviting interiors with the latest amenities. The neighborhood boasts features such as a clubhouse, playground, pocket parks, and two swimming pools, says Scott T. Sohr. Children in Winterset Woods are zoned to attend Williamson County Schools and Scott T. Sohr is quick to point out that the district has some of the best-performing schools in the entire state. For parents who work in Nashville or Franklin, the neighborhood is only a 10-minute drive away from I-65, notes Scott T. Sohr. The neighborhood is also in easy driving distance to numerous restaurants, theaters, grocery stores and other shops, adds Scott T. Sohr.

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Scott Sohr on Nashville’s Germantown

Scott Sohr NashvilleScott Sohr is a Nashville-area businessman and staunch fan of the city’s history and diversity. Here, the land developer shares information about a neighborhood he says is lucky to have been saved from demolition.

Q: Thank you for joining us today. As a Tennessee businessman, you must frequent all of the major cities in the state. What is your favorite?

Scott Sohr: Nashville, most definitely.

Q: And why is that?

Scott Sohr: Nashville, like most other major cities in the state, has had its ups and downs. However, differentiating Music City is its residents’ desire to keep its history intact.

Q: Can you give us an example?

Scott Sohr: In 1830, Nashville began developing an 18 square block area called the 9thWard. By the ’70s, most of the structures in the area, now known as Germantown, were nearly condemned.

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Q&A with Scott T. Sohr – Wellington Chase in Knoxville, Tennessee

Scott SohrScott T. Sohr is the founder of Nashville-based investment firm, Elmington Capital Group.

Q: Where is the Wellington Chase neighborhood?

Scott T. Sohr: Wellington Chase is a subdivision in the Hardin Valley community of West Knox County. We paid $492,500 for 34 lots there, and we’re hoping to make significant progress on this land in next few years.

Q: How much progress have you and your team made so far, Scott T. Sohr?

Scott T. Sohr: Right now we’ve finished construction on one home, and we’re nearing completion on another. Within the next several months, we plan on breaking ground on several more developments as well. We want this to be a fast moving project in order to get families moved into these homes as soon as possible.

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Scott T. Sohr Says Williamson County Is Ideal Place to Raise a Family

Scott T SohrAs a longtime resident of Nashville, Scott T. Sohr is no stranger to Williamson County. The self-made entrepreneur and land developer believes that Williamson County in Tennessee is one of the hottest new areas for homebuilders.

Q: Where is Williamson County on the map?

Scott T. Sohr: Williamson County is located just south of Nashville. The county includes the cities of Franklin, Brentwood, Fairview, Nolensville, Spring Hill, and Thompsons Station.

Q:  What makes Williamson County so great?

Scott T. Sohr:  Williamson County is an exceptional area. It ranks as one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, and the economy is thriving here. Jobs are plentiful and people enjoy the low cost of living combined with the relaxed pace of life. The schools are fantastic and there are many in-demand jobs.

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